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“We save your money and keep a green society”

Trigon Illumination company believes in saving money and supports saving the environment for all of us. We are a family owned Israeli company, which has been in the business of energetic streamlining for over 14 years. Our vision – Energetic streamlining leads to a green, economical and moral society.

Our company deals with the design of illumination, the manufacturing and importing of professional lighting products. These products are both decorative and unique and are suitable for all sectors – private, public, professional and business.

In the last decade the company has led the LED revolution in Israel. Thanks to this illumination method we can combine beauty, efficiency and saving.

As partners to the process of creation, we care much about the way and its success, and your satisfaction is of high importance. The illumination design process includes lighting, architectural and design consulting, until complete solutions to your specific needs are provided.

With us, you’ll receive a personal, detailed and devoted design, in which we will make sure you’ll find the illumination devices most suitable for your needs, along with making sure your electricity consumption decreases to a minimum.


SIRU originates in Venice, a place which combines the past and the future, where the old and the new meet in a creation of modern forms. The company’s goal is to revive the local traditional handcrafts, especially in the production of modern illumination devices.

SIRU is making an effort to find harmony between the classic and the modern, by integrating elegance with technological security.

Their unique illumination bodies are meant to decorate living spaces with a special vitality and glamour of their own. In addition, these products are sensual objects, made by blowing glass into frames of metal.



Nursery illumination

Our nursery illumination bodies are made of natural products, by the way of the “Feng Shui” A variety of handcrafted unique spectacular and special models, for your child’s room perfect harmony.

These products provide an answer to the practical lighting of the room, avoiding the dazzling of the infant (for example, while changing his diaper…). Moreover, these lighting bodies complete the design of the room and add joy and amusement to it.

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