Professional Lighting Solutions

Trigon Lighting company provides you with a team of illumination design experts, who will escort you in each of your projects from head to toe. As partners in your creative process, the path to achieving the project’s success is of high importance to us.

Private Sector

Illumination planning and the choice of the correct products for your house provides it with a unique character in the way that it completes the furniture and the overall design, gives a distinct emphasis for each space.
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Professional Sector

The right kind of lighting creates an identity and atmosphere, shapes the experience and delivers pleasure. The illumination interprets different spaces, directs the attention, excites, builds and presents.
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Smart City

TNET is a smart, at-a-distance, street lighting management system, which ensures the right amount of light is delivered to each spot and at any time. The smart system is built to fit your needs.
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Trigon Systems

Trigon Systems is a unique system that combines cloud servers, smartphones and smart sensors to open up a new generation of marketing and operation possibilities in shopping centers, museums, airports, exhibitions and more.
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Trigon Illumination is a family business, located in Beit Herut which is in Emek Heffer. We have been active ibn the illumination field for over 15 years, specializing in the regime of energetic streamlining.

Our company deals with the planning, manufacturing and importing of professional lighting devices and accessories.

Our products are uniquely designed and accustomed to all sectors – public, private, professional and business. We are prepared to provide any solution in the illumination regime.