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Trigon lighting is a family business, located in Beit Herut which is in Emek Heffer. We have been active in the lighting field for over 18 years, specializing in the regime of energetic streamlining. Our company deals with the planning, manufacturing and importing of professional lighting devices and accessories. Our products are uniquely designed and accustomed to all sectors – public, private, professional and business. We are prepared to provide any solution in the illumination regime. While meticulously keeping all the required standards, including environmental regulations, we also possess the ability to develop solutions to unique requirements, specially accustomed for each and every client. Trigon lighting is a leader in the regime of energetic streamlining and implements the use of LED lighting in Israel. Beginning with consultancy, escort and financing of projects, to the providing of economical lighting solutions of the highest quality. The company’s vision : Energetic streamlining leads to a green, economical and moral society !

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